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"Kevin's approach was down to earth and pragmatic using simple and effective techniques. He gave me some powerful lifelong tools in addition to the bioresonance which helped realign my mind and body. My symptoms have either disappeared or greatly improved as a result of my treatments. Kevin has been an important and necessary part of my healing process which worked wonders for me"
Best Wishes Kelly-Ann

(Kelly-Ann attended the two and a half day treatment program with me in September 2015. With medical history dating back to 2011 she had run the gauntlet of the NHS with exhaustive tests both medical and alternative. Kelly-Anne’s testimonial was written nearly two months after she had attended the treatment with me)

What can I say? 
4 months ago my 18 year old daughter Sophie was listless, in constant pain, very emotionally down and sleeping up to 20 hours per day. Since around the age of 13 when she seemed to start being poorly we as a family had watched her become much of a recluse, losing touch with many of her friends due to not seeing them and missing out on social gatherings and parties. Having to repeat a year at college due to so much absenteeism and with no real goal or hope to cling onto things were miserable for us all. Many times she would be looking forward to a family 'do' or a party at a friend's house only for this condition to take its grip and lead to her simply going to bed to sleep it off and missing out on yet another life experience.

We were all deeply concerned that this 'illness' was taking her life away in terms of quality. Before the age of 13 she was full of energy, outgoing, doing well at
school heading for high grades and socially very well accepted with a large group of friends. Then one day she complained of rib pains, just a few pains at first. Then slowly but surely they grew worse and more prolonged and eventually spread to many other areas in her body. She found sleeping extremely difficult, often just managing to drift off to sleep about 1-2 hours before it was time to get up for school. Her face colour changed, she became very pale and fatigued, her eyes lost their sparkle and were taken over by tired in a continual half open state, this was not our daughter at all!

So what could we do to get this 'condition' sorted out. What was it we were dealing with? Over the first year we tried a number of different doctors, 1st/2nd and 3rd
opinions, looking for an answer - all just suggesting pain killers and plenty of sleep and that it could possibly even be 'growing pains'! Bizarrely we then went for
another doctor opinion and he firmly told us there were no such things as growing pains! A further issue was that even with pain killers she could not sleep, she was even prescribed Tramadol and it didn’t touch the sides! There was no help at all for her to sleep and she just felt more ill and missed even more time off school. As a child you believe in medical experts and their ability to cure you, help you through the pain. Sophie had lost all confidence in doctors and we were simply now going through the motions.

We were eventually seen by a specialist over 2 years later(the great NHS waiting list). Things had got worse and she was missing lots of school, sleeping most of the day and night an in more or less constant pain. As parents you feel totally helpless, I would have swapped places with her in an instant just to help her get
her young little life back. I prayed many times for some divine intervention to help my undeserving daughter out of this awful circle of misery. The specialist arranged for just about every test under the sun and the moon that we could have done and it was at this time we first heard the possible diagnosis as being fibromyalgia. Being very ignorant about this condition we busily researched and to our horror it seemed there was no known cure at all. We all refused to accept this and we all held it together that this awful condition would go one day as quickly as it came. Over the next year or two my daughter had every scan, test and x ray possible - nothing could be found to explain the illness. We then turned to other possible solutions - physio, acupuncture, reflexology, stim machine, tens machine - although some of these gave a little relief it was very short lived. By this time Sophie was very depressed with how things had taken such a bad turn, could not see anything good to look forward to and many nights we spent consoling, cuddling and drying her tears. Sophie suffered terribly for around 5 years, countless visits to doctors with no positive response or even an acceptance that whatever she had was a proper illness.

One day we took her to the doctor again as she had gone through a terrible 2-3 weeks, hardly out of bed and in real agony every day, no college attended. When we sat with her in front of the doctor we were told in very blunt terms that he could not help any more, we may as well accept it for the rest of her life and as this
what he called chronic fatigue syndrome was a complex and unpredictable condition please stop bothering us medics!! I personally felt very angry and almost reduced to tears - to say this in front of my daughter who had already battled through 5 years of hell, a person who she entrusted and hoped and believed could eventually make a difference to her life, make her well again. We all walked out of the surgery stunned and feeling very down.

From then on we just hoped something of a miracle would come to us or that this nasty condition would go as quickly as it attacked Sophie out of the blue over 5
years ago. Then Karen my wife came across this website, we read with interest how some people with similar conditions to Sophie had been helped and that they had begun to get their lives back on track to happiness again. After such a long time searching for something both my wife and I were very sceptical. First my wife called Kevin Garrington who runs the treatment of bio resonance and they had a long discussion. Then I called and also discussed at length what the treatment involved and if there was any likely chance of a success. When I told Kevin of Sophie's pains and the whole sad story he immediately referred to a lady Elaine who he had recently treated who had very similar pains. He(with her permission) put us in touch with her and I had two long conversations with her which certainly gave me serious heart that there was a chance that Sophie could be helped just in some small way. At that time we would have been happy to give her even a 10% reduction in pain and improved life quality. So, we made the decision to do the 2 day full treatment option and travel down to Worcester and stay overnight. For me £500 was not easy to find as I had been made redundant from my work and things were tough, but having a very supportive sister helped and we all went the following week, pinning our last hoped on this treatment, but to be honest without much conviction that it could work. How could it? All the best doctors, specialists and alternative treatment options had all been explored and nothing had worked.

Kevin was most welcoming and we discussed at length with him all that was going to happen and all the treatment Sophie would go through. We could be with her at all times if we wished. It was relaxed and easy to do, Sophie often slept through it in the arm chair while the bio resonance did its work! First was the diagnosis and then after was the balancing - Kevin would know how to explain this in more depth! We also opted for the hypnosis which Kevin is also qualified in and we feel also made a difference.  At the end of the 2 days we were satisfied all had been done that could have been done, then we would start the remote treatment from home. While we were there Sophie was also taught self-help ways of dealing with any excess pain, ways to help her sleep when things were particularly bad, dealing with panic attacks that she also had been prone to. Before leaving, Kevin was very confident that things would improve(we were still very disbelieving!) and he said that much of the speed of improvement would be down to Sophie as well. Slowly but surely...... We came home hopeful but not convinced.

Well, we are now nearly 4 months down the line and I cannot believe the changes that Sophie has gone through! It was slow to begin with but gradually she started to have more energy, more life in her and a zest to do things. The sparkle had returned to her eyes! She started going out again, seeing friends, college attendance improved hugely. She would have the odd bad day and we all held our breath fearing the worst and the inevitable downward turn, but it never happened! Still hasn’t! She uses the self-help mechanisms taught to her by Kevin when things get a little painful but the most improved aspect is her quality of sleep. We continued with some remote treatments from Kevin up until the end of July, just yesterday. The biggest thing for Sophie that she could never have done a few months ago was to go and get a really demanding job with an airline company. She did the application process, the assessment centre and the interview with little or no help from us. This was the same girl who needed help getting out of bed 5 months ago she was in so much pain! She does very long and unsociable shifts with this job and is amazingly able to cope with the disturbing sleep patterns as well. I am not sure this review has done justice to what Kevin and his treatments have done for the wellbeing of our daughter and for our whole family in terms of worry and stress. We were at the end of the road, we had tried everything...well not quite everything...thank you Kev! This treatment option should be made available through main stream medicine and not pushed to one side on a website where people are forced to seek Kevin out - some may never find him and they may never experience the change for the better that Sophie has, that can't be right. I strongly urge anybody who suffers from fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome to seek Kevin

Hello Kevin
Apologies for the delay in sending this to you regarding recent treatment (April 2014) for my niece Sophie (18) who has Fibromyalgia.  Sophie has had this
distressing condition for a number of years and unfortunately conventional medical treatment was not helping.

Although I was only there with Sophie and my brother and sister- in-law for the first (half) day of her treatment at your clinic, I was very impressed by the way
you put Sophie at ease with your relaxed and informed manner, and the way in which you listened to her, giving her your full attention, drawing her out and allowing her to just talk naturally - not always easy for a younger person.

Sophie stayed for the full 2 days treatment and left perhaps with some scepticism as to the efficacy of this treatment, but as you said, you don't have to believe, just let it happen - and it did!

I was, and still am, very happy to know that she started to improve quite quickly (less pain and a big decrease in fatigue) aided with some monthly distance treatment from yourself which she can choose to continue with or not, depending on how she feels.  At this time happily her fatigue and inability to get up in the mornings (sometimes spending 20 hours in bed) has decreased markedly which has enabled her to pick up her life again, start going to the gym, socialising, and she now has a summer job - something she would not have been able to do prior to the treatment. 

The treatment has really helped Sophie and you have given her the means to continue to manage her condition as well.    Very many thanks indeed.

With best wishes

Liz Tring

Hi Kevin,

Here is my review for your website. Sorry It's taken me so long to send, I kept forgetting about it! I'm not great with words so I hope its ok. Thanks for everything :)

I'd been suffering from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue for five years when I visited Kevin. It started as on and off rib pain when I was 13, but got much worse over about two years, until I had a constant ache and frequent stabbing pains in my ribs, back, shoulders, neck, hips, chest and sometimes my arms and legs. The pain made it hard for me to sleep so I had very little energy, but when I did manage to fall asleep I could sleep for up to 20 hours and still feel exhausted when I woke up. Because I was feeling constantly tired and run down, I got a lot of headaches, I felt dizzy and found it extremely difficult to concentrate. Some days I couldn't even leave my bed. I had a lot of time off from school/college, got very behind on all my work meaning I didn't get the exam results I could've gotten, I had to quit my part time job, I found it impossible to exercise, I stopped seeing my friends very often and I lost interest in all things I enjoyed. I even started to develop slight anxiety and was having panic attacks over the smallest things, probably because I was always feeling uneasy and worried about my future. After seeing Kevin my energy levels are much higher, I still get tired but I'm sleeping a lot better and feel like I need a lot less sleep than I used to. I sometimes get a very slight ache in my ribs, especially if I'm tired or I've had a long busy day, but it's bearable and it's not stopping me from doing things I should be doing. In the past couple of months I've managed to go back to college, catch up on a lot of work, go out and see my friends much more often, I've joined the gym again and I've started a new job. I'm feeling so much more optimistic now. Three months ago my pain was unbearable, I was feeling absolutely miserable and crying myself to sleep most nights, filled with worry and fear. I was in the mindset that I would spend the rest of my life in pain and unhappy as there was no cure and none of the  treatments/remedies I'd tried had helped. Of course my family and I were extremely skeptical but we thought it was worth a try. I'mstill not too sure how any of Kevin's treatment has worked, but I would 100% recommend it to anybody. Sophie C. Leeds


I found Kevin to be a very kind and caring person he listens to all your health concerns and works out a plan to start you’re healing. I met with Kevin once a week for five weeks and very soon saw improvement in my level of muscle pain from which I suffer from. The E-Pendant has been really successful as Kevin can rebalance it as your health improves week by week. The EFT which I practice at home is very beneficial as it gives you the opportunity to help yourself and is very uplifting and allows you to take your health and wellbeing into your own hands and see that you can alter your life more than you could ever believe.

Kevin has his own method of EFT which with his soft voice is a very powerful tool; I can thoroughly recommend it to practice. I shall continue to be in touch with Kevin as and when I need him for help in the future in my healing journey.                                                               



Before I saw Kevin I had trouble walking up a flight of stairs. With his help I climbed a mountain in the Lake District! LM


Hi Kevin!

Just a quick e-mail to wish you a Merry Christmas and to thank you for a pain free year. (yes it has been 12 whole months!)

Best wishes for 2010! Debs


Kevin has said you are thinking about treatment and asked if I would contact you.

I started seeing Kevin at the beginning of September 2008 for fibromyalgia which had developed over the previous 3 years. I was initially diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue about 25 years ago but have managed to cope quite well with that over the years and it hasn’t really affected my life until 2005 when I suddenly had a string of MEGA stressful personal things to deal with. It was total stress overload and my body went into meltdown with the stress button stuck on ‘on’! Anyway, at the time of my call to Kevin, it was taking me 2 hours to get out of bed every morning and I had constant tingling in my hands and lower arms. I booked the appointment one Friday and went to see Kevin the following Friday. To be quite honest, I wasn’t sure I was going to last that week as I was in so much pain at the time – I really felt like my whole body was just going to grind to a halt.

Recovery was interesting - initially it felt like how I imagine ‘cold turkey’ must feel for a drug addict - there were all sort of random pains while my body fixed itself.

Most importantly, I have been completely pain free for about 4 months now.

I found it useful to keep a diary as it really helped me to measure how far I’d come in such a short space of time. I was very open to the treatment so had very fast results, in fact my brain fog lifted during my first session with Kevin and has not returned since. I absolutely detest being ill and wanted to get better so I think my positive attitude helped my recovery. Debs (age 46)


Hi Kevin

I am still feeling really well; I haven't felt this clear headed for years - no more episodes of 'brain fog' since visiting you last year.

Marlene Dunn - South Wales 


Hi Kevin

Apologies for not keeping in-touch. My energy levels are great, loads of energy, waking up feeling clear-headed, optimistic, just normal - it's quite amazing really. Never thought i'd feel like that again but I do, plus I've been losing weight, 11lbs in 8 weeks, so far! I can only think the EFT has un-blocked emotional issues here too. . Everything is going great and I feel tons better. If I do have a bit of an off day, it passes within a few hours, great eh?!! I'm doing the EFT, although I have found I just simply have not needed to lately. I do use it though, as a precaution just incase I'm facing a difficult time etc.. I never thought I'd feel so normal like this again! I feel that your treatments, the Bio-resonance, EFT etc; have all worked amazingly well, so thank you. Thanks for your constant support, it is really encouraging and very much appreciated..

Take care
Kay - Ex-Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue sufferer - Cheshire

Holly, aged 16

Became ill 2006.

Diagnosed with ME/CFS Jan 2008.

Began Bio Resonance Treatment May 2008

Before having the Bio-Resonance treatment I was constantly exhausted. A normal trip to the supermarket would leave me useless for the rest of the day, and one bad day would take me days to recover from. I had serious muscle pain and fatigue, mental confusion and depression, I couldn’t concentrate for more than 20 minutes at a time and had very disturbed sleep. I couldn’t go to school and being in my final year of GCSEs it was hoped that I might be able to do just my maths and English exams, if any. I saw no hope for the future and got no help from my GP.

I instantly saw effects from the Bio-Resonance treatment and the CTP and EFT really helped as well with my mental well being. I began to get full nights of sleep and my muscle pain dramatically decreased. The CTP helped with my confusion and the EFT really helped me feel more in control of my illness and more positive. I now felt able to go back to school part time and managed to do all but one of my exams. I achieved most of my predicted grades – much better than I thought I would have done without the treatment. After exams I was able to relax and enjoy a normal teenage social life. I could now plan to do things and not worry about feeling too ill to cope.

I now feel a lot more positive about my future. Friends and family say that not only have my energy levels increased, but my whole personality has changed, back to the happy, funny, positive person I used to be.

I have recommended Bio-Resonance to other ME sufferers and have been teaching EFT to my friends.


After just one treatment with Kevin my brain fog had disappeared and the pain in my body had reduced down by 70%. My energy levels had increased by at least 80%. After 3 treatments I now have no pain at all, my energy levels are fantastic and my brain fog never returned from the first session so I'm able to focus and concentrate brilliantly. I finally have my life back.

Deb - Worcs


After suffering with Chronic Fatigue for over 5 years and getting little more out of my GP than anti-depressants I tried a number of alternative therapies – most of which had uplifting effects over the short term but not much more than that. I then came across a therapy that over the space of 6 months had significant improvements to the extent that I could lead a pretty normal life as long as I was very careful and generally took things easy. Unfortunately, after about 9 months I started deteriorating again and desperate not to get back to the state I was in before I returned for treatment although this time it had little effect. It was then I spoke with Kevin having visited him before for hypnotherapy and EFT. He mentioned Bio-resonance, and after he explained what it was I decided to try it out.

After the first session I noticed very subtle changes and began to feel a little better, then after the second session felt significantly better, now after several sessions I feel as good as I’ve felt in years – more relaxed, in control, confident, and a lot stronger both in terms of resistance to illness and physically - to the extent that I’m baffling my friends down the gym, as I am now going again regularly. This is despite my job being extremely stressful for a sustained period of time and a deep ongoing personal problem. The treatment is painless, in fact it is so relaxing the hardest thing to do is stay awake, (no offence to Kevin). I am talking to my brother about treatment to help him give up smoking as well as a friend in work has been unwell for a while and maybe suffering from Chronic Fatigue himself. I would recommend this treatment to anyone with any sort of emotional and physical problems as well as addictions of any sort as it is the most effective form of therapy I have experienced. It is also worth me mentioning that the effects of Bio-resonance can be felt almost immediately, and I am now fitter and better now than I was before I had the ME Chronic Fatigue!

Graham, Worcs


Dear Kevin

Having suffered with a very personal condition for many years and having tried all the traditional medical methods I approached you with little hope. Your approach was professional, down to earth and practical and I learned many things about myself I did not know before. After 3 sessions the condition has gone and I remain free of it after two months now. My sincere thanks for your help in removing a condition I had suffered with for many years.

Kind Regards

Mr Michael B.


Dear Kevin

I just wanted to write and thank you for the help you have given me with your understanding and wonderful therapy (and enlightening strategies for removing stress from my life permanently!). You know already that you have been a life saver for me as I was very close to a breakdown. I heard about your practice from a friend and was desperate for help. I can’t thank you enough and although I live quite a distance away from you I recommend you to everyone.

Mrs J.Gray



Dear Jennifer

Just a little note to say thank you for the care you have shown me through the healing I have received. By using the EFT and relaxation techniques you taught me, my health is almost back to normal, after having been in so much pain and ill health. Thank you for your love and care and I wish you well for the future.

Mrs S Attwood, Stourbridge


I went along to Jen's relaxation evening because I wanted something more than just another exercise class, I wanted to have some relaxing/rejuvenating time out and meet with like minded people all at the same time.

It turned out to be just the ticket and more! Jen's visualisations (and extra bits between!) are very refreshing and inspiring and she's a natural at creating a lovely easy going atmosphere in which you can really feel right at home - there's always a fair bit of laughter medicine too! I thoroughly recommend it for those who'd like to step out of the busy world for a while into a beautiful, peaceful, loving space with no pressures.

I must also thank Jen for bringing relief to my whiplash aches and pains through Indian Head massage - the continual pain and stiffness was really getting to me but I didn't take another nasty painkiller since that first session! After four sessions, my shoulders felt better than they did even before the accident - I could easily become addicted to Indian Head Massage for stress relief!

MS, Leigh Sinton



Many thanks, to date three and a half weeks later I have not had a cigarette and I have had no cravings at all. With the added bioresonance it was just what was needed to back up the hypnotherapy. My taste is returning and boy, do I smell better, it'll make my job enforcing the new smoking legislation so much easier now. Many thanks its worked for me.

Andy Fox, Worcs



It's been 24 hours since my last cigarette and I couldn't feel better! I left last night feeling on top of the world, and the feeling still hasn't gone! So, whatever you did it has worked, and I don't envy my girlfriend for doing it cold turkey, the old fashioned way. I even managed the pub straight after getting home last night, and I really didn't even want to smoke!!!! Very odd!?!?!?!!

So, THANKYOU!!!!!!! I would most definitely recommend your services. You've already been recommended to about 10 people.

Mr A. Jones, Worcs


Dear Kevin

Having tried everything else, including acupuncture, hypnotherapy, nicotine patches and gum I had nearly given up until someone recommended you. I was a bit skeptical about the Bioresonance (and Hypnotherapy because of a past experience) but thought I would give it a try. Its been a week now and although I have had the occassional thought about cigarettes and have been around people in the pub who are smoking, I have not felt like smoking at all. Immediately I walked out of your clinic I had no cravings for a cigarette at all. When I had hypnotherapy previously from someone in Worcester I had walked out from their shop and immediately lit up. I have already recommended your services to many of my friends who want to quit

Mr S. Clifford, Worcs



Just to say "Many Thanks" and to let you know that the treatment has been very successful. Its coming up to two months now since I stopped smoking and I feel terrific!

Also, the improvement in my self confidence has been amazing. I have been recommending your treatment to many.

Very Best Wishes

Richard W.



Hi Kevin

Just to update you on my progress, smoking hasn't been an issue at all since Wednesday and have rarely thought about cigarettes! Very good news!

Many thanks, Tracy



I can confirm to everyone that you have stopped me smoking in just one session and I was smoking on average 140 cigarettes a day. I didn’t hold out much hope when I came for the treatment but I did desperately want to give up. I have not smoked since our therapy session which is getting on for nearly 10 months now. (My wife also, who was smoking 30 cigarettes a day still remains a non smoker thanks to you). I recommend you to everyone I know who wants to quit

Mr Neil S. Worcester


Dear Kevin

After receiving three courses of treatment from you I feel you have helped my condition greatly. A shoulder manipulation several years ago, left me in a great deal of pain and unable to sleep. I continued with orthodox medicine and treatments; your course of three treatments have made the biggest difference to my condition.

Many Thanks and my very best wishes to you and your practice.

Mrs S. Attwood




My hypnotherapy to stop biting my nails was a great success. Years of struggling to stop my habit has caused me great frustration. It was a relief to me to finally find I can grow my nails!


Mrs L. Gannon



Dear Kevin

My visit to your practice came about after much personal suffering and trips to the doctor for anti-depressants. To say I was incapable of tackling any situation was an understatement, as I was breaking down continually due to the feelings of fear and being out of control.

After hearing about your practice through my family I spent ages trying to find the courage to phone you. Our phone conversation made me feel that there was help for me as you really did understand the problems discussed.

A short time later I was at your quiet practice, where the time spent compiling my personal profile allowed you to maximise the effect of my therapy. I felt very relaxed and comfortable and found it easy to talk to you.

The hypnotherapy itself turned out to be a wonderful experience, at no time did I feel uncomfortable or out of control and found the whole experience very interesting and invigorating.

The result for me at least was not immediate but took several days before the effects became evident. I have to admit that the session left me feeling very beat up and I honestly felt worse and just as I was coming to the conclusion it had done nothing for me, everything seemed to click into place.

I haven't felt strength like this before, for the first time I can feel fear and not be frightened by the physical reactions. I now see life as a great exciting challenge.

My ability to make decisions is very much more clear and concise and I am also becoming more assertive and confident by the day in work and in my private life.

I would really like to thank you for helping me to help myself, it really is better than I imagined it would be.

Thanks for everything

Jonathan Cartwright



I was recommended to see Jenny when a friend told me how she had helped her with psoriasis on her leg. She told me that Jenny practices reiki that totally relaxes you and de-stresses/ de-clutters your life and mind. I was given a business card and put it in my purse thinking I would do it one-day.

That one-day came when subconsciously I knew things in my life were stressing me out. When asked why do I want reiki, I replied, “ I don’t know but, I just need to relax”.

I had four sessions that gave me time to understand what is going on in my life and how to see things from a different perspective. Believe it or not I have turned my life around. My emotional baggage has been dealt with, (a bad controlling relationship that lasted 5 years, the loss of a very important loved one who died on valentines day and my own low perception of who and what I am).

My future is bright, burning strongly with the help from Jenny. There is no pressure, no contracts to sign, no amount of bookings pushed onto you, as you are the one who is in control.

All I can say is, if you know you need to change something then why not get the best help you can? I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and still do. I recommend Jen’s services and hope you have a peaceful, fulfilled life, Enjoy.

JB, Worcester.


Some results obtained by Joe Price at the Price Pain Care Clinic in Wales UK using the Bioresonance Treatment e-Lybra Energy Balancing System

"I feel absolutely marvellous and I have stopped taking pain killers. I went for a walk last week for the first time in 7 months."

Mr Fred Harding (Penderyn)

"My son's eczema has not come back"

Mrs C. Bayliss (Hirwaun)

"My knees are so much better, I went dancing last week for the first time in 2 years"

Mrs M. Smith (Aberdare)

"I didn't think you could do anything for me, but now I can relax without pain... Thanks!"

Mr R. Leyshon (Hirwaun)

"I was in pain for a number of months, then after treatment at the centre, I have had no problems since"

C. Griffiths (Hirwuan)

"I'm really pleased with the treatment I received. Even my wife could see a difference in me straight away.

I also feel much better in myself"

Mr B. Evans (Aberdare)

"I feel so comfortable. My sciatica is gone and I am now playing tennis again"

Mr K. Driscoll (Dinas Powys)

"I suffered for over 20 years with sinusitis trouble. After treatment my sense of smell has come back and the old trouble has gone and I am completely off medication"

Mr B. Baker (Hirwuan)

"I can't believe it, I've been in absolute agony for a week and you stopped my pain in twenty minutes.

I wish I had come to see you sooner"

Mrs E. Thomas (penderyn)

"The treatment I received exceeded all my expectations. This will definitely will be my first call with any future problems"

L. Cates (Aberaman)

"Each treatment is improving my condition greatly and I now have a much better quality of life than two months ago, prior to start this course of treatment"

Mrs L. Payne (Aberdare)

When I was a small child I was diagnosed with eczema, asthma and later a nut allergy as well as allergies at home. I suffered a lot, my mum cried and both my parents were in despair. I went to the clinic to have treatment on the e-Lybra machine which tested my body for imbalances and corrected them (it seems to have every remedy in the world on it). I don't have allergies now my appetite is increasing and my complexion has improved. I look forward to each new day now thanks to Joseph at the clinic. It has changed my life dramatically for the best.

Hayley Thomas aged 13 and three quarters

Some results obtained at the Scandinavian Kvanteklinikken in Oslo