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Frequently Asked Questions

How do the Clinic Treatments and Therapies work

The treatments used by the clinic combine the very best methods of treatment of Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Pain that have proven to work.

Bioresonance treatment works at a physical, cellular level balancing the areas within the body that are ‘out of balance’ and removing toxins, bacteria and viruses etc; that may have accumulated over a period of time. The treatment serves to remove the obstacles that are preventing the body’s natural immune system resources doing its job. Bioresonance encourages and strengthens the body's own natural mechanisms of recovery and restores balance to those areas of the body’s systems that are out of balance.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) works to remove any psychological, emotional or anxiety/stress related issues that may have contributed to the onset of the symptoms of CFS/FM.

There is a school of thought that says that CFS/FM can be brought about by ‘emotional overload’ of the system and that this may have been brought about by a particular emotional experience, stress or anxiety. EFT is taught to the patient so they can continually maintain their energy balance.

EFT is not a new therapy and has proven itself extremely successful in rapidly removing emotional issues (

Clinical Hypnotherapy is used during the Bioresonance Treatments and allows the client to relax and work through any issues or areas (like lack of sleep etc ;) that may be being experienced. Confidence, self esteem and removal of stress are other areas worked through (see

As you can see the above is a unique combination of treatments and therapies that work at all levels to help the mind and body back to health. We know of no other clinic that has the experience, technology and abilities to provide all these treatments. This is why we have been so successful with our patients.

CFS/ME/FM are not a 'one size fits all' condition and as such everyone is individually treated. The condition may have been brought on by physical trauma or psychological trauma. Its important that when you look for treatment to help yourself that you consider its potential in helping you. For example there is little point in embarking upon a psychologically based therapy when the condition has been caused by a viral infection, extended use of anti-biotics or whiplash trauma. At the clinic we treat both the physical and psychological areas that may have led to the onset of conditions that's why we are unique and have such success in helping people like yourself regain full health.

How can I be sure it will work for me?

When someone asks me this question my very best answer is to point you to the individuals I have already helped; sufferers like yourself who with the treatment regained their full health and energy and became pain free.

We are confident that our suggested program of treatments will work for all correctly diagnosed cases of CFS/ME and Fibromyalgia, provided that the client can attend for all the required sessions and is able to understand and act upon the suggestions and instructions given. This requires work by the patient, and although we have found that just the Bioresonance treatment alone serves to correct the imbalance and relieve the conditions taking place in the body we teach you to apply the EFT therapy yourself to continue to maintain a comfortable equilibrium of mind and body.

It is an empowering process giving you tools to use and help yourself

In our experience for conditions such as pain, gastro disorders and elimination of any dis-ease symptom of the natural auto-immune system then the Bioresonance treatment has proven to be extremely successful. Bioresonance removes any toxins, bacteria, hormonal dysfunction and viruses and encourages the body’s natural immune system to repair damage to tissues caused by infection or disorder within the body.

We aim at working with the patient to achieve:

  • Improved and better quality of life
  • Increased Energy Levels
  • Clearer Mind – more clarity of thinking (remove brain fog)
  • Reduction and Elimination of stress
  • Reduction and Elimination of symptoms
  • Maintenance of normal healthy body systems

How did you discover your therapies and treatments for CFS/ME and FM

Being very honest, it was purely by chance that we initially worked with CFS/ME sufferers, as they presented themselves to us at the clinic. With more than 17 years combined experience of Complementary/Alternative treatments and therapies that have all been around for more than 25 years and have proven to work we had recently adopted Bioresonance as one of our medical treatments.

Because of our wealth of experience in the areas used and with the Bioresonance medical technology we incorporated a program alongside the other therapies with our CFS/ME sufferers that at this point has proven itself to work every time in either reducing or completely eliminating the symptoms..

As far as we are aware we are the only clinic that has the knowledge, expertise and experience to offer all these therapies and treatments in one program to help CFS/ME and FM sufferers.

On a physical level Bioresonance ‘Prescription Formulas’ are now used that focus specifically on the areas that have proven to be out of balance with CFS/ME and FM sufferers (i.e. the Hypothalamus, Pituitary and Adrenal glands, Endocrine system and Autonomic Nervous System etc; )

On a psychological level both EFT and Clinical Hypnotherapy resolve or remove any mental ‘blocks’ that may have initially contributed or be contributing to the ongoing symptoms. Once these are removed, with a combination of the Bioresonance to resolve any physical imbalance the body can naturally regain its energy balance and look to remove pain levels.

Do you offer home visits?

It is preferable that you attend the clinic for your treatment and therapy sessions, these can be conveniently spaced to suit if required (with use of the Bio e-pendant/e-pebble). We can offer home visits in certain circumstances should they be required, but bear in mind that there would be additional costs incurred for travel etc; If you have a particular situation then do please contact us to see what we can do.

With the remote treatment options now available - we can accommodate most needs.

How is this treatment and therapy different to other therapies?

Having worked with CFS/FM sufferers for more than four years now, and having been in practice for 13 years my experience has shown that the condition of some CFS/FM sufferers has been brought about by stress/emotional experiences or situations, sometimes overwork or a combination of both. In these instances I believe that EFT and psychologically based therapies  appear to have good success rates. Albeit I have had a number of clients now who have tried these therpaies (not EFT I may add) and it didn't work for them.

Psychological therapies, as I stated earlier, pretty obviously are not going to correct a physical imbalance in the body's systems that has been caused by toxins, post viral fatigue or whiplash trauma condition. These need correct treatment intervention (like bioresonance)

Bioresonance Treatment works at all levels, physical, spiritual and psychological. (i.e. I am tending to see more CFS/FM sufferers where parasites or viruses etc; are preventing the body being balanced). Any past (life?), present or even hereditary imbalance will be treated. Regardless of the theories of where the dis-ease state may have come from our treatments, we feel that we provide the most comprehensive and natural way to effect positive change and effect and maintain the correct energy/physical balance within the body so the patient can live a normal life without the debilitating conditions of CFS/ME /FM and Pain.

The major difference between ourselves and the other therapies is that we use a combination of therapies that have all proven to work in this area and treat both the physical and psychological areas that may have led to the condition.

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